About Us

We are S.O.S.

Whether you are a student, business owner, experienced diva or a grandma, there is a spot for you in our chorus. This is the perfect opportunity to find quality “you time” and to gain camaraderie in a group of fabulous women who love to sing.

Past, Present and Future with SOS

SOS’s journey began in January 2010 with the gathering of eight women who had a vision of starting a Santa Rosa Sweet Adeline chorus . . . with Sharon Carlson as Director. After a few planning meetings, the first rehearsal took place in Sharon’s home in early April. During the following months the process of chartering a new chorus with the International organization evolved.

In September 2010 with 15 singers and our money ‘jar’ in hand, we took the bold step of renting our own rehearsal space. In record time (5 1/2 months), the chorus chartered in November, 2010, and Song of Sonoma was official! Now it was time for growth in every way.

With the goal of giving lots of performance training and opportunity to the singers and to get the community to know about us, we held a free mini performance every six weeks. It worked! Singers continued to find and join us.

By April, 2011, SOS competed in its first regional competition with 29 members; the group surpassed all expectations by winning 1st place in the small chorus division and 5th place overall. That’s an achievement! October, 2011, marked the first chorus show presented to a wildly enthusiastic audience. With a repertoire of 12 mostly choreographed songs, the SOS singers proved their talent and passion for the music and chorus were boundless. Growth continued.

Each competition has been such a joyful experience. We’ve grown from 8 to nearly 80 singers on that stage. Our competition goals gained us a regional win and our 1st competition at the international level in 2016. The chorus goals of reaching out into the community, marketing the chorus, and promoting barbershop music were met with events such as a flash mob, Christmas carol caravan, shows, performance at the local county fair, and a Barbershop Music Camp (the first in Sonoma County.) Growth continued.

We welcome guests every week. An exciting facet of our members: well over 50 of them are brand new to the art form we’re so passionate about. So much to be proud of with an energy and joy of shared musical experience that keeps the group moving ever forward.

Growth is limitless.

Our members favorite moments in barbershop

“Ringing that perfect chord” – Linda
“My goodness, there are so many but I have to say my very favorite moment is when I was in my other chorus when we unexpectedly placed fourth at International in Indianapolis in 1994. That was a thrill.” – Gloria
“Singing next to my Mom, Preble Franklin, on the risers in rehearsal and at our first contest! AND, meeting, to sing and love, every week with all of my SOS sisters AND meeting the rest of our Sweet Adeline sisters all over the world!” – Cheryl
“When our voices ring” – Carol
“The first time I sang on stage in front of a large audience (in New Orleans). It was such a rush, and continues to be a wonderful experience every time I am given the opportunity to sing and perform.” – Christine
“Every week it gets better and better” – Sharon
“Winning small chorus with my High Sierra Sisters, many years ago.” – Nancy
“Going to contest with family and friends. That moment when you get off the stage and know – I did it!” – Lynda
“The moment of recognition that our amazing sound is in sync and the bells ring! and I am a part of all that!!! I could cry! I just think we are so awesome on every level as a chorus made up of amazing individuals. We are special!!! I believe God made us and He’s still painting the canvas!” – Terri
“There have been many; first contest, first International, winning First Place small Chorus first year out with SOS, going to Adele’s with the girls, listening to the recording from Jim Arns coaching – memories for a lifetime.” – Pat
“Winning 1st place was great!” – Jan
“Placing first our first time out with a brand new chorus! WOW” – Louise
“Giggling with my sisters on the risers AND singing a beautiful tune from start to finish with no stopping!” – Kathryn
“1993: First International Medal (4th Place), dressed is red dress with big yellow and red feather sleeves.” – Linda
“When the curtain went up at my first International competition. It was in the Thomas and Mack center in Las Vegas and the audience was enormous. What a rush!” – Paula
“The first time I heard my chorus’ name called as the regional champions…now I can’t wait to hear SOS’ name called!!” – Susan
“Bowing to have a medal put over my head!” – Lyndy
“The fun and satisfaction of giving a fabulous performance with all my Sisters of Song.” – Sandra
“I am very new to barbershop, but, my favorite moment was at the evening performance of our guesting with the Redwood Chordsmen. After a fairly appalling afternoon performance, Sharon had us put it all behind us and go out and sing the way we know how! I found that to be very inspiring-never look back- just keep going forward and getting better! Plus, every week with my SOS sisters in song is a favorite moment!” – Ellen
“My favorite moment in barbershop so far was when our name was called for first place small chorus. Screaming with Aurora and my mom and looking back at Suzi crying with joy. That’s also the only thing I remember after our name was called.” – Stephanie
“In 2007, I was in a quartet named Confetti that won the regional competition. Right after we won, I stepped off the stage and called my husband to tell him. That moment is etched forever in my brain!” – Kathy
“I love the harmonies. I’ve come close to tears with how powerful some if our songs are.” – Maureen
“Two favorites…… my very first chorus medal, way back when….. a third place regional as a pirate! And fourth place International singing Fire, my heart’s on fire….!(AND, a fifth place regional quartet medal!) Woo Hoo!” – Jadine
“I truly enjoy performing in our community. Love having the ability for our family and friends to see what we are all doing on those Tuesday evenings!” – Pat
“My favorite moment is Every time we are together singing.. I enjoy it and I have noticed that I can be in a funk during the day but after rehearsal and driving home I have this smile on my face and the funky feeling is gone :-D” – Aurora
“Seeing and feeling the joy that fills the room every time we sing together” – Helena
“The very best moment in barbershop occurs when we are performing to a full house and our focus, excitement, and energy combine to cause that feeling of lift off! We become like a well oiled, self propelled machine that could fly if not restricted by walls and ceiling!!!” – Joan
“Being on International Stage.” – Shirley
“My first competition… I was so prepared, it was exhilarating, yet easy breezy! It was an amazing bonding experience and thrilling!” – Elizabeth
“My first competition was pretty amazing. But I love when our sound locks in together, rings and gives me goosebumps. I love blending my voice with ALL the baritones around me.” – Cristin
“Too many favorite moments!! Hearing that chord that gives you goose bumps, learning new songs and NEW ways to sing. I guess my favorite moments are when a new woman gets that joyous look on her face when she hears that beautiful sound which is Barbershop. It is so much fun to witness that discovery that we have all had at one time.” – Molly
“When the harmonies are so spot on that they raise goosebumps and everyone breathes an involuntary WOW!” – Pamela
“I love our shows. We go a little crazy sometimes with so many songs to prepare for, but we get em somehow. And it feels so good when we entertain.” – Ann
“Joining SOS!” – DJ and Raquel
“Every time I harmonize is my favorite Barbershop moment!” – Suzi
“The first time SOS competed in Regional contest. That meant more to me then any other competition I’ve been in.” – Becky
“On stage, I love the applause, applause, applause!” – Sharon
“All moments are special. I get shills every time we sing.” – Victoria
In the beginning, watching the performance Sing, Dance & Fly. Now, to be part and to hear how we sound together, and last but not least the great feeling of sisterhood! – Leena
“Sitting in the audience after SOS competed for the first time, with my daughter, Stephanie, my adopted daughter Aurora, plus my sister Shirley when hearing Song of Sonoma placed 1st place in Small Chorus.” – Suzy
So far I have no favorite moment because I enjoy everything from beginning to end.” – Nan
Passing my audition. It was the first thing I have truly done for no one else but me in a very long time. I knew I had the support of every woman in the room and at home too. The feeling after I passed was amazing…and yes, I cried a little too – Tracy